Five Stars - Comedy Short Film


Movie Clip

Five Stars is an Awarded Short Film starring MeeWha Alana Lee, Matthew Cronin, Allison Altman, Alex Emanuel, Peter Morgan, Jermel Wilson & Craig Newman.

  • Running Time: 25 minutes

  • Genre: Comedy

Two Robbers steal an Uber car without noticing the three customers in the back seat: a young couple coming from a date and a crazy old Korean woman.



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Awards & Nominations

  • Palms Springs Comedy Film Festival

    Palm Springs, California
    Winner: Best Student Short Film
    Winner: Best Director

  • Chain NYC Film Festival

    New York City
    Winner: Best Student Short Film
    Winner: Best Director

  • Best Short Awards

    La Jolla, California
    Winner: Award of Merit

  • Accolade Global Competition

    San Diego, California
    Winner: Best Short Film

  • Brightside Film Festival

    Jersey City, New Jersey
    Winner: Best Ensemble
    Nominee: Best Film
    Nominee: best Director
    Nominee: Best Cinematography

  • Esra Awards

    New York City
    Winner: Best Film
    Winner: Best Screenplay
    Winner: Best Editing

  • The Laugh or Die Film Festival

    Tennessee, USA
    Nominee: Best Short Film

  • Near Nazareth

    Nazareth, Israël
    Semi-Finalist, Best Short Film

  • Festival National du court-métrage Etudiant

    La Sorbonne, Paris, France
    Nominee: Best Short Film


Director & Screenwriter: Marvin Zana Line Producers: Nicolas Thau, Thomas Desmedt 1st AD: Harry Walters 2nd AD: Achille Vanderhaeghen Script Supervisor: Lou Daumas Script Consultant: Chris Ciancimino, Ben Cohen Executive Producer: Jeremie Attias DOP: Mathis Fabien Camera Operator: Richard Ducros 1st AC: Agathe Denis 2nd AC: Léo Galtier Key Grip/Car Grip Operator: Simon Doutreleau Production Sound Mixer: Laurent Dussault Boom Operator/Sound Assistant: Léo Rozenberg Sound Supervisor: Ryan Kennedy Hair & Make Up Artist: Hailey Reese Assistant Make-Up: Ruth Black Set Designer: Jean-Charles Gaignant Production Consultant: Adam Spielberg Editor: Chloé Tarroux VFX: Yann Brogard Colorist: Lou Daumas Re-Cording Mixer: Raphael Ajuelos, Nathan Bonetto, Laurent Dusault, Léo Rozenberg

  • Festival De Cannes 2019

    Cannes, France
    Screening at Short Film Corner

  • California Independent Film Festival

    San Francisco, California
    Nominee: Best Short Film
    Nominee: Best Director

  • NewFilmmakers New York

    New York City
    Nominee: Best Short Film

  • Los Angeles Lift-Off Film Festival

    Los Angeles, California
    Nominee: Best Short Film Online

  • The World Network Comedy Festival

    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Nominee: Best Short Film
    Nominee: Best Director

  • World Film Fair

    New York City
    Film Market

  • LA Comedy Film Festival

    Los Angeles, California
    Nominee: Best Short Film

  • Canada Independent Film Festival

    Montreal, Canada
    Nominee: Best Short Film

  • DIY film festival

    Santa Monica, California
    Finalist: Best Comedy

  • Midwest Action Fest

    Indiana, USA
    Nominee: Best Comedy

  • Lift-Off Genre Film Festival Online

    Nominee: Best Short Film

  • Génération court

    Paris, FRANCE

    Winner: Prix du Public
    Winner: Mention Spéciale du Jury

Offenders-Sci-Fi Feature



Offenders is an Awarded Independent Feature Film shot in Nice, France. Starring Jerome Lecamus, Virginie Chevalier, Mathilde Kappler, Marvin Zana, Franck Vidal, Matteo Duraz, Anthony Adamo, Johanna Tramas, Phany Brière, Cédric Mezin, Raphael Kappler, Florian Goncalves, Yann Lerat & Erick Menager.

  • Running Time: 1h45

  • Genre: Science-Fiction

Max and Ronny don’t know each other but have something in common. They both have special abilities and don’t know why. She can Teleport short distances. He can go back in time by 5 minutes. Fate will bring them together, when a threat from the future reveals the truth about their origins and their powers. 


Crew Credits

Director: Marvin Zana Screewriter: Marvin Zana Producer: Mathilde Kappler Script Supervisor: Cassandra Lapierre Camera Operator: Tania Sene-Tillier Sound Operators: Jules Brel, Romain Leclerc, Maxime Alliaume, Laurent Lopez, DOP: Lucas Di Nuzzo, Morgane Salmon


The Heat - Music Video

Music Video


The Heat was shot in New York City and in the Connecticut in the summer of 2018. It’s my first collaboration with the successful band The New Tarot lead by the Sisters Monika & Karen Walker. It is now the most viewed video on the band youtube channel.

Press Excerpt from Stage Right Secret:

“The Heat was my first Music Video in the US. As a French Director, it is always a bigger challenge to work in a foreign language. But Music and Cinema, as art, have their own, universal language of storytelling. Though we grew up in different countries, we had the same vision about The Heat, and what we wanted to show on screen. For me, the child represents the hope of a new generation, receptive to a message of change. Unlike her elders, she is yet to be jaded by society’s ever-present manipulation, through all the many forms of mass media….

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Director: Marvin Zana Producer: Cody Hawk Jackson Screenplay: Marvin Zana, Cody Hawk Jackson, Monika Walker, Director of Photography: Mathis Fabien Camera Op: Peter Shapar Editing: Marvin Zana SFX and Color Grading: Lou Daumas Executive Producer: Richard Neustadter Production Assistant: Glen Covell


Father: Jeffery Battersby Mother: Kit Colbourn Wrye Son: Daniel Neustadter Daughter (Little Girl): Arielle Neustadter Vocalist in House: Monika Walker Vocalist on roof: Karen Walker. Guitar: Beth Callen, Bass: Dave Kahn